Louisiana A+ Schools is a public non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

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The application period  to join the Louisiana A+ Schools program for the 2020/2021 school year is open.  Please fill out Letter of Interest Form linked below.


Contact Executive Director Bethany France with questions at


Any Louisiana school (public, private, charter, urban, suburban, rural, PreK3 through 12) can now apply to be a member of the LAA+ School network.  For more information, all interested schools can visit our FAQ page or email LAA+ director Bethany France at



Begin your investigation into what LAA+ Schools can do for your school by completing a Letter of Interest.


Form available here - Letter of Interest Form.  This indicates your school’s commitment in attending an informational Pre-Application meeting.  The Letter of Interest form is due by January 10, 2020.



Send a team of teachers (5-7), along with your principal, to a pre-application meeting to find out more about what membership in the network means.  Pre-application meetings are half-day events and will be scheduled based on geographical interest.


Share information, survey your staff, and secure a minimum of 85% faculty support.  Pre-application Meetings are designed to prepare you for this step.


Complete and submit the application by the due date: February 10, 2020.



Selection and Fees

Louisiana A+ Schools is assisted by a selection committee made up of individuals representing Louisiana A+ Schools and the National A+ Schools Consortium.  The LAA+ Selection Committee will review all completed applications and select schools to join the network based upon leadership, passion for the project, evidence of collaboration, evidence of commitment, opportunity for the school, geographic location, representation of Louisiana population, and sense of community. 

Notification of schools is done by Louisiana A+ Schools staff.

The number of schools accepted is determined by the quality of the applications and the resources of Louisiana A+ Schools to effectively meet the needs of schools added to the network.

Schools that are not accepted are encouraged to continue communication with LAA+ and to request assistance in applying in a future year.


Schools selected to join LAA+ will be asked to provide a $75,000 payment that can be distributed over three years. Full and partial scholarships may be available on a needs basis. 


Schools that are not able to pay are encouraged to apply because scholarships and sponsorships are available. Our goal is to work with schools highly motivated to become A+ regardless of financial ability.  LAA+ has identified sponsors in many parts of Louisiana that wish to have an A+ school in their area and we plan to do all that we can to match schools with sponsors in order to satisfy school's financial obligations to us.