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Check back often for the latest news regarding Louisiana A+ Schools.

Below are videos that will give you a very clear picture of exactly how LAA+ works in actual schools.  We suggest you watch ALL of these videos in the order they are listed.  

LAA+ Students Talk Art Integration

We are pleased to present a new video featuring the students of Louisiana A+ Schools!  Hear their perspectives on how arts integration is transforming their classrooms, improving their academic performance, and bringing out the best in students.

​​TEDx by Jacques Rodrigue


GRFA Executive Director Jacques Rodrigue, son of famed Blue Dog artist George Rodrigue, bypassed a career in law to work to help Louisiana education through arts-integration. Jacques traces his father's artistic history in order to draw parallels between his own career path and how we have to prepare our students for a life full of unknown opportunities.


In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. 

Jacques currently serves as board chairperson for LAA+ Schools.

See an A+ School in Action

Step inside of Hugh Goodwin Elemenatary School.  An A+ School in the Delta of Arkansas.

Pay attention to the school environment.  Listen to what teachers and parents say about the A+ methods.

Also, this school is the "Arts" school for the district.  The "Math" school for the district has lower test scores in math.  Plus, there are more science fair winners from this "Arts" school than the district's "Science" school. 

The Role of the "A+ Fellow"

Hear directly from A+ Fellows on how they implement the A+ methods.  A+ Fellows are classroom teachers that instruct the teachers in A+ Schools on how to bring the arts into their classrooms. 

Pay close attention to when these teachers and Fellows have their A+ "ahah!" moment.

A+ Teachers React to A+ Lessons

Watch an arts-integrated elementary school lesson being taught in a classroom.  Hear from the Fellow doing the model lesson and from the classroom teacher where the lesson was taught.

How the A+ Network Works

See the basics of what is different about A+ Schools and how teachers are trained from the Director of Arkansas A+ Schools.

Learn how important it is that students  in A+ Schools begin to ask the question "why?" during their school days.  

​View an Actual A+ Lesson

See one example of how an A+ Fellow will teach math using a type of art.

Watch the student's attitude transforms from being intimidated by the concept of division into enjoyment. You can immediately tell the student has grasped the concepts being taught and enjoyed his time learning.  

​President Bill Clinton Supports A+ Schools

See why President Clinton said A+ Schools "is as for as I can determine, the only strategy given our current resource constraints . . . that has a reasonable chance of giving every kid in this country a chance to live up to his or her God given ability."

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