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We do school a little differently...

About Us

Louisiana A+ Schools is a whole school education transformation model that nurtures creativity in every learner. The A+ model focuses on arts integration to foster change school wide. LAA+ utilizes the A+ Essentials, a set of eight commitments, to help guide schools toward transformation.

What is Arts Integration?

Arts-integration is a method of instruction that involves integrating curriculum standards in math, science, language arts, social studies, etc. with curriculum standards in an art form (visual art, music, theatre, dance, literary arts, etc.). LAA+ Fellows train teachers to design lesson plans that have evolving dual-learning objectives and methods of assessment for both the art form and non-art subjects.

_ LAA+ Alexander--Beats and Bars SS LP_P

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 sample lesson plan.

A+ Essentials™

The key to LAA+ is the eight A+ Essentials.  They were originally developed by teachers to give a framework for whole school transformation through the arts. Click here to learn more


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Our Vision

We envision a state brimming with creative and innovative schools that believe the arts are the catalyst for a reawakening.

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